Can You Study Chinese in China for Free?

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Learning Chinese in China – this idea attracts attention from all over the world. Most find the language explanation in a rich cultural backdrop, however, the expense of schooling can be a huge downside. Fortunately, there are ways for people to study Chinese in China for free (or close to free) by pursuing their studies intelligently.

Variety of Government Scholarships and Programs

One of the most common ways of studying for free the Chinese in China is with a scholarship from the Chinese government. Many scholarships offered from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) cover the cost of tuition and accommodation and sometimes also include a monthly stipend. The salts are available for international scholarships and are designed to promote international cultural exchanges.

Confucius Institute Scholarship: This scholarship is for students wishing to complete a study of Chinese language, and includes tuition and accommodation fees, and a stipend.
Chinese Government Scholarship: This scholarship is more wide-ranging than individual universities and come in the form of macro programs that can include full and partial scholarships to study different fields including Chinese language.
University Scholarships

In addition, there are many universities in Chine where you could have a full or a half scholarship to learn Chinese! They range from institution to institution but usually comprise:

Tuition waivers
Free dormitory accommodation
A monthly living allowance
Many universities, such as Beijing Language and Culture University, Fudan University, and Tsinghua University are reputed for their great scholarship fund support to international students whose major is Chinese.

Cultural Exchange Programs

Cultural Exchange Programs — There are several cultural exchange programs that offer free Chinese language study in exchange for teaching English or participating in cultural activities. Under these programs, free Chinese language courses may be included and living costs are financed as per the exchange agreement.

Web-based Tools and Collaborations

It is because in the digital era there are many online platforms and educational partnerships that provide free Mandarin Chinese courses. While these do not replace the experience in China, they offer some basics to give you some base before flying off to outdoor studies.

Choosing the Right Path

To the potential applicants for scholarships or programs of studying Chinese in China:

Do your research and apply as early as possible.
Arrange required documents (official transcripts, LORs, if any SOP and if required IELTS score).
Walking through the application process with the help of alumni or current scholarship holders.

Though the thought of learning Chinese in China can be pretty overwhelming, the good thing is that there is college scholarships and student programs in abundance to accommodate this. In this way, learners can live in China and master both the language and culture without the high tuition costs of more formal education.

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